27 ntil 30 july

schloss dornburg an der elbe


multisensory experiences – varying from musical and art performances, installations, lectures and exhibitions, all in a beautiful castle near Magdeburg.


schloss dornburg an der elbe

27 until 30 JULY 2023


This year everything revolves around textures. A texture is a feeling. An emotion. An Atmosphere. Something you can feel touching the palm of your hand. Something that feels different to each of you. We want to explore the vast variety of experiences that we can live in our little trip to fantasy. change the texture.

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Frequently asked questions

for more infos about your traumburg experience, check out the faq

Can I park and sleep in my campervan on the Festival site?

Yes, however, there are limited parking spots for camper vans available. If all spots are occupied we might have to ask you to go to the camping places outside of Dornburg.

Can I camp inside of the castle?

Unfortunately you can not camp in the castle. Our camp site is in the garden, with a beautiful view of the castle. And don’t worry we took procedures so that the camping site is quieter at night this year.

How can I apply as an artist?

Our open call for artists for the 2023 edition is closed. Please talk to us during the Festival though, we’re always on the look-out for new ideas to transform the castle and expand our horizons.

What about the toilet/shower situation?

We’re kinda proud that we have proper toilet containers and hot water showers available on site.

Can I bring my own speakers?

You are welcome to bring your own bluetooth speakers. But we are asking you to leave bigger sound systems at home and to use any speaker at moderate volume. Many artistic interventions are combined with sound and we would like our crowd to respect the intention of any piece.

How can I apply as a supporter?

Our open call for supporters for 2023 is mostly closed. For any open positions please check here: https://forms.gle/4dVWNqs22bQhSPp8A

I bought a ticket and will not be able to attend the festival. Is there a possibility to resell my ticket?

You may transfer your ticket to a friend or resell it. Unfortunately, we cannot refund tickets at this point.

How do I get to the castle?

By car: Enter Schloss Dornburg an der Elbe in your navigation system and you’ll find the way to Traumburg. By train: From anywhere in Europe get the train to Station 'Prödel' near Magdeburg. In Germany you can travel across the country for €49 with a so-called ‘Deutschland Ticket’. There will be Traumburg shuttles from the Station Prödel to the castle and back. Twice an hour during these times: Thu/Fri: 12:00 - 21:30 // Sat: 10:00 - 18:00 // Sun: 16:00 - 21:30 // Mon: 8:00 - 11:00

Do I have to wear a mask at the festival?

No, we follow the local regulations. Currently, we may not have to wear masks at the festival site.

Is a proof of vaccination needed?

No, we follow the local regulations. Currently, proof of vaccination is not needed to enter the festival site.

Can I leave my ‘Pfand’ there?

If you bring any beverages with the so-called German ‘Pfand’, please take these home again. It is a fairly big amount of work for us to bring back the ‘Pfand’ and we are not aiming for refunds here ;)

Will there be any sanitary facilities?

Sanitary facilities will of course be supplied. Please take into consideration that this is still a festival produced on a low budget. Yet, we have toilet containers available, and even hot water shower containers.

Will there be any care taking of my wellbeing?

An awareness and medic team will be available at site at all times during the festival. If you or your friends do not feel well, don’t hesitate to contact someone at the the awareness team (with the bright vests) or the staff at the bar. You can also check out our awareness concept on our website. Keep in mind, it is everyone’s responsibility to create a safer space. Please consider others’ comfort. Also, Traumburg aims to be an inclusive space, where beautiful and open minded beings of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, cultures, genders, and sexualities come together. We aim to continuously improve to become the safest space possible for everybody and therefore will not tolerate any type of harassment or discrimination. That also means no speakers broadcasting their ideologies on the festival site.

Where can I leave my garbage?

Our location is a historic protected monument. We ask you to keep your impact on the environment to a minimum. Plan your trip ahead of time, only bring the necessities and don’t leave your stuff or garbage behind. We will have a garbage container available on site.

Do you offer Traumburg merchandise?

We will offer fair-trade, eco-friendly, vegan pieces of Traumburg clothing. We don’t like to think of it as simple merchandise as we carefully design the prints, embroidery and are quite selective on the garments.

Can I bring my pet to Traumburg?

Please do not bring any pets to the festival. We do not know if any of our guests might be uncomfortable around certain animals. Moreover, a festival with such an amount of stimulation is not a place for a pet.

Are there any forbidden items?

Forbidden on the festival site: Bricks, sharp objects, animals, sound, film, video and photographic equipment, drones, fireworks, (pocket)knives and any other object that may be considered dangerous by the crew. If we see you with any of those items we may reserve the right to ban you from the festival site.

I am a resident of the surrounding village/s, can I enter the festival for free?

Residents of Dornburg, Gommern or the surrounding villages can register for entrance to the festival at the mayor of Dornburg. If you are not on the registered list you may not enter the festival site. There will be specific entrance days and times for the residents registered on the list.

What about any lost items?

Please ask at the entrance & info point if any of your lost items were found. After the festival you can pick up any lost item until the 1. August 9:00 AM.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we do not have the means to provide wheelchair access to all areas of the historic protected monument therefore some areas of our festival site are not wheelchair accessible. We ask you to let us know beforehand if you are a wheelchair user, for us to make our site as wheelchair friendly as possible. You can contact us via email (info@traumburg.net) and we will work this out together!

Can you tell me a bit more about Traumburg?

Traumburg is an independent festival for arts and music, primarily focused on visual arts and electronic music. Since our first edition in the summer of 2020 we plan to come together once a year to experience a cultural exchange, to meet, to talk and to enjoy ourselves. Far away from the troubles of the rushed world we want to invite you to Schloss Dornburg, a wild romantic baroque castle deep inside the countryside of east Germany, transforming this magical place for a couple of days into a cluster of exhibitions, installations, performances and interdisciplinary interactions. Every year we choose a theme that follows the festival both aesthetically and spiritually. Traumburg strives to be an ever-morphing project. In every direction imaginable. We grow and we change. Since our last editions we have grown both in experience and size. Yet, the most important thing is to stay true to our values. Traumburg is a community-led and participatory initiative, we urge you to uncover your craftsmanship, creative veins and other talents in an ‘open call’, bring these together in a collaborative way and present your contributional work in the best light. Of course, we also welcome everyone who doesn't have much time to spare and just wants to enjoy the experience of the long weekend. Nevertheless we’d like to point out that you won’t get a ticket to a regular festival, instead it is an entry into a DIWO (do-it-with-others) community experience. Together we turn the passive into proactive, consumer into contributor, try-outs into creators, bringing a variety of textures to life.

How can I pay at Traumburg?

You can pay cash or by card.

When does Traumburg take place?

The Traumburg entrance is open from Thursday, 27. July as of 12:00, the program starts at 18:00. The program ends on Sunday, 30. July 18:00. You will be able to camp on the festival site until Monday 31. July 10:00. Everyone who’s still on site at 10:00 on Monday will be expected and coordinated to help with the build-down of the festival.

How much does the ticket cost?

The ticket costs €129 (incl. taxes) which includes access to the festival site and camping. The turquoise shimmering lakes in the surrounding area are all for free. Check out silver lake (Silbersee) and blue lake (Blauer See).

Why did the price for a ticket increase?

Unfortunately, we (like many others) had to increase prices because materials, equipment and workforce got more expensive during this time of inflation. We’re doing our utmost to keep the price low, while keeping the quality of artistic creation high to enable everyone who’s into arts and music to capture these enchanting, dream-like and catchy memories. If you compare our prices to other similar festivals you will see we’re not taking advantage of the inflation situation.

What kind of food will be available at Traumburg?

At Traumburg you will find a variety of food. Most important: All of our Food is vegetarian or vegan and affordable. We’ll offer a range from Pizza, vegan Döner, Burritos to Crêpes and other meals. We will also have a small Kiosk available selling snacks.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Festival?

Yes. Traumburg is made by friends for friends, because of that you’re allowed to bring your own drinks and food. If you’re looking for something more special we have a range of yummy food and drinks available :)

Can I cook my own food?

We have a dedicated BBQ area, where you can prepare your own food. On the camping site it is absolutely prohibited to use an open fire. The area is known for fire hazards. If we see you starting a fire or BBQ on the camping site we may reserve the right to ban you from the festival.

Where can I camp?

We have a dedicated camping area in the castle garden. If you’re coming with a campervan, you can camp in the dedicated area close to the parking, however, there’s very limited campervan spots available.


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