Last year’s Traumburg festival was a source of immense pride and joy for all of us, and we're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to revive the festival with your collective efforts once again. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the supporters who made last year's event possible; without you, this incredible project wouldn't be a reality. Your enthusiasm and dedication have been the driving force behind our commitment to making this year's festival even more memorable.

The heartening positive feedback and valuable criticisms have inspired us to evolve, and we're eager to share our plans for Traumburg Festival 2024, themed around "Movement" – a celebration of the dynamic rhythms of life.

Constructive criticism has been instrumental in our growth, and we invite you to continue sharing your thoughts with us. Reach out to the Support Management and your team leads if you have ideas to enhance the festival experience. Your input is invaluable as we strive for continuous improvement.

Now, as we prepare for Traumburg Festival 2024, we invite both familiar faces and newcomers to join us in various teams dedicated to making this event a resounding success. Each team plays a crucial role, reflecting the diverse aspects of the "Movement" theme:



open call

Before deciding on your preferred team, please carefully review the information below.

Each participant contributing before, after or during the festival will receive a complimentary ticket for Traumburg 2024.

To address concerns about supporter ticket costs, we've made adjustments:

  • The supporter ticket is now priced at 100 Euros, fully refunded after the festival.
  • Tickets canceled after May 13, 2024, will be refunded at 50%. Subsequently, the refund percentage will decrease by 10% each following week.
  • Tickets canceled after June 10, 2024, will not be eligible for refunds.

To prevent the misuse of supporter tickets and ensure fair access to the festival, intentionally skipping shifts will result in the forfeiture of ticket refunds. We understand that unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, may arise, and exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

It's important to recognize that failing to fulfill assigned shifts or participating under unacceptable conditions (such as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs) will result in exclusion from Traumburg Festival 2025 and the  exclusion of the festival 2024.

We appeal to all supporters to consider the impact of missed shifts on the entire support team. Your commitment to your responsibilities not only upholds the integrity of the festival but also fosters camaraderie within the team. Let's work together to make Traumburg Festival 2024 an enjoyable and smoothly run event for everyone.

In an effort to streamline communication and simplify the preparation process, we are emphasizing the Traumburg website this year. In addition to conventional channels like Telegram or WhatsApp, each team will have an individual page containing information from team leads, shift schedules, on-site castle mapping, and key contacts.

Unless otherwise stated, shifts will be scheduled both during the day and at night, so you are expected to be prepared to work throughout the festival. Your 16 hours will be allocated by the team leads and the shift schedule will be shared with you in good time so that you know when your working hours are.

Given that the success of the festival relies on your cooperation, we kindly request you to adhere to these guidelines. By submitting your application, you agree to these terms.

You'll find recruitment criteria and a selection of teams available for you to join, above. We kindly ask you to conscientiously choose teams and sign up only if you are confident about being a supporter during the festival.

Finally, we extend our gratitude to everyone interested in shaping the Traumburg festival 2024. The entire team is eagerly anticipating your participation, and we are committed to making this year another unforgettable experience.

For further inquiries, contact us at

1 - Construction


  • you need to be able to do physically demanding work for 6-8 hours a day, e.g. garden work with heavy machinery, lifting of heavy goods, etc
  • professional workers or serious experience in wood- or metalworking, electrics, gardening, etc. are welcome and will be prioritized


  • tasks will be (among others) buildup and breakdown of stages and bars, installing sanitary facilities and water supply, preparing the campsite, etc.

Early Crew:

  • Start/End: Friday evening 19.07.2024 — Tuesday evening 23.07.2024

Late Crew:

  • Start/End: Tuesday evening 23.07.2024 — Wednesday 31.07.2024

2 - drivers

Built-up Drivers

  • Supporters needed: 2


  • Drivers License valid in Germany (ideally, but not necessarily, with a trailer driving license)


  • Monday 22.07.2024 — Thursday 25.07 - 12 a.m


  • Material Driving 

Shuttle Service

  • Supporters needed: 3


  • Drivers License valid in Germany 


  • Thursday 25.07 12 a.m. — Monday 12 a.m.


  • Driving guests from the trainstation (Prödel) to the castle
  • Estimated two rounds per Hour


  • Supporters needed: 1


  • NO drivers license needed


  • Thursday 25.07 — Friday 26.07


  • Direction of arriving guests to the designated car park


  • Supporters needed: 3


  • Drivers license valid in Germany 


  • During the Festival 1x24h shift or 2x12h shifts


  • Spontaneous emergency drives during the festival, as well as artist pickup/dropoff

3 - Decoration

First Crew

  • Supporters needed:8


  • Saturday 20.07: 3 p.m. — Thursday 25.07 (Free days included)

Second Crew

  • Supporters needed: 3


  • Tuesday 23.07 — Tuesday 30.07 (Free days included)

Third Crew

  • Supporters needed: 3


  • Sunday 28.07 — Tuesday 30.07 (NO free days - just break-down)

4 - Food crew

  • Supporter needed: 10


  • Cooking experience (ideally but not necessary for large quantities) 


  • 20.7.24 — 25.7.24
  • 29.7.24 — 31.7.24 


  • food supply during build up and break down of the festival 
  • Help with grocery shopping
  • Preparation of meals (breakfast, lunch snack, dinner)
  • Serving food to supporters
  • Clean up after each meal

5 - awareness team


  • Committed people, preferably with a background in social professions or training or experience in awareness work
  • Ability to deal well with stress and people in stressful situations
  • Desire to take care of other people during the festival

6 - clean-up

  • 2 supporters: July 25th  4 p.m. - July 27th  22 p.m.
  • 2 supporters: July 26th  6 a.m. - July 28th  8 p.m
  • 2 supporters: July 27th  6 a.m. - July 29th  4 p.m.


  • 25.07.  4 p.m. - 28.07.  8 p.m
    Pick up trash and clean toilets/showers during the festivalAdvantage: Several but very short shifts per day (1-2 hours per shift)
  • 29.07. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Collect trash/help clean up
    Advantage: fewer shifts during the festival

7 - medical team


  • Medical background of any kind
  • Being able to assess dangerous medical situations and act accordingly

8 - door/entrance

9 - bar

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